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Calibration certificate

When asked by the client, Pitanco Précision will issue a calibration certificate recognized by the National Research Council of Canada and/or the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology.

With this certificate you will be able to assess the precision of the readings obtained in comparison with the readings of our instrument measures. Below are the instrument measures in use by Pitanco Précision:

Pressure Gauge

  • (2) Digital pressure indicator (vacuum at 300 psi)
  • (1) Dead weight tester (200 at 8,000 psi)


Unit Description
Psi Pounds per square inch
Hg Inches of mercury at 0°C
H2O Inches of water at 20°C
Bar Bar
mbar Millibar
kPa Kilopascal
MPa Megapascal
mmHg Millimetres of mercury at 0°C
cmH2O Centimetres of water
mmH2O Millimetres of water
Kg/cm2 Kilograms per square centimetres


Calibration basin

(3) Basins of water
(1) Basin of oil
(1) Basin of salt
(1) Basin of water + ice


50 at 200 °F
50 at 300 °F
50 at 700 °F
39 at 50°F


10 at 93 °C
10 at 149 °C
10 at 371 °C
4 at 10 °C
Room temperature 69.8 °F 21,0 °C
Temperature below freezing -108.4 °F -78°C

Calibration of measuring instruments is carried out in accordance with the clients specifications, taking into account the precision and conditions of use.

Note: To ensure quality service, all of our measuring instruments are calibrated every year by an independent firm.

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